Month: September 2016

Travel Tips

The Cost to Travel Cheap part II of II (Things you can control) India Edition

New Delhi to Kanyakumari and back, India August 2016 Age: 25 Fuck math “Listen, it’s not how much money you make, but how you manage your money that truly counts. In this country you can make one million in a day and manage to spend two million the next.” -Mama Bear Financially, my family didn’t have much …

Travel Tips

The Cost to Travel Cheap part I of II (Things you can’t control)

Things you can’t control Before we jump into how I only spent $1,237 on my 2 week trip to India (yes including airfare from the US) I figured it’s important to understand a few unspoken tricks to buying cheap airfare, realize that you can spend much less by going to some countries than others, and how …