I’m a Peruvian-American who grew up mostly in Northern Virginia and now live in New York City. I do have a 9-5, actually 9-8 would probably be more accurate, day job at a bank but traveling has always been my number #1 passion.

My traveling adventures began with one decision to go to Moscow at age 15 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have never allowed money to stop me from reaching my destination and by traveling on a budget, staying at hostels or with friends (both new and old) and learning the local ways I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go all over the world.

In my goal to write a book about a motorcycle journey across China, I decided to share other stories that have taught me lessons that one cannot get from a textbook, stories that have shown me what the world is actually like as opposed to what is shown on TV and stories that have shaped the guy I am today.

Some adventures, one could argue, got a little dangerous but the man upstairs has always watched my back. So don’t wait until tomorrow to leave your comfort zone and see the world. Be fearless, be kind and you’ll come to realize that no matter what race, nationality or language you encounter, we are all part of a beautiful family called humanity.

But hey, don’t take it from the stories I’ve told you. Get out there, make your own and experience it for yourself.

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