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The Lahore Airport Scare

Frazzled Girlfriend

Lahore, Pakistan July 2018 Age: 27 The Warning “You are staying in a hostel? Where are you staying? You need to tell me so I can make sure you guys are safe! I have contacts there! I know you’ve traveled to India but Pakistan is different! There is a lot of turmoil right now with …

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Why I Hate Suitcases

Moscow, Russia July 2007 Age: 16 Strong Word There are very few things in this world that I hate: liver, glitter, broken earphones, frappuccinos, hazelnut coffee, gin and tonics, Georgi vodka, the M subway line, the G subway line, overpriced real estate, fanny packs, that one piece of hair that for whatever damn reason curves left …

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10 Tips For Haggling While Abroad

1. Don’t Buy The First Thing You See When you enter a flea market or a small, touristy town don’t buy the first souvenir you see. Most souvenir sellers are buying the same things from the same wholesaler. Also, the further in you go, the more competition there will be which translates to lower prices. When I …

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The Day the Earth Stood Still Part I of II

Lima, Peru August 2007 Age: 16   La Pobre Dentista I had just come out of a minor mouth surgery where they removed a tooth that grew crooked inside my mouth. Right before the surgery began the dentist asked what type of music I wanted to listen to because according to her it would help …

Travel Stories

The Blind Leading The Blind

Nha Trang, Vietnam January 2012 Age: 21   Suburbs “He’s like the blind leading the blind” I overheard one mom talking to another, both shaking their head at some kid telling his friends to follow him down the stairs to the pool while I was working the front desk at the recreation center trying to …