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Travel Tips

5 Travel Mistakes To Avoid While Planning A Trip

1. Booking a Hostel in the Wrong Location I understand the low-budget/no-budget mentality of looking for the cheapest hostel to stay in. Why wouldn’t you since all you’re going to be doing at the hostel is sleep, right? While this is true, you need to remember the three most important things when booking a hostel: location, location, …

Travel Tips

The Traveler’s Backpack: What To Bring

Harlem, U.S.A. April 2017 Age: 26 What Not To Bring You are about to embark on an awesome adventure on the other side of the world. We need to make sure you do it right because this isn’t the I need to take a cab from the airport upon arrival to help with my three 50lb suitcases containing 23 pairs …