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The Wahga Border – Pakistani side

Wahga Border Flag Ceremony

What and where is the Wahga Border?

The Wahga Border is a border between Pakistan and India, about an hour east of Lahore, Pakistan.

Wahga Border

Okay… so why should I go?

Because it’s not your normal international border! The Wahga border has a closing ceremony that is one of a kind! Pakistan and India each have their own outdoor stadium facing each other, with their corresponding gate separating the two countries.

Wahga Border Gates

Before the actual ceremony begins, each side blasts music at the other and tries to get their own side pumped. Once the ceremony begins, you’ll basically experience a dance off between the two countries with lots of leg raises, foot stomping, and chest puffing! The closing ceremony ends with the lowering of the flags.

Wahga Border Flag Ceremony

How do I get there and how much does it cost?

I highly suggest booking a day tour from Lahore. You can easily have your hotel book you a private tour (pick-up and return to hotel) at a reasonable price (50 USD or less pp). We booked our tour through Karakoram Bikers, which also includes Shalimar Gardens on the way for 72 USD pp.

Once you are there, you walk a bit from the parking lot to the actual gate. Don’t forget to bring your water!

Wagha Border Walk
Wahga Border Walk

Important Note: There is no entrance fee for the Wahga border. If someone tells you there is, or if they tell you that they can get you into the VIP section for a fee, then don’t waste your time with that tour company/person!

Your tour company or guide should make sure you arrive an hour before it starts. That way, you’ll have a good seat to enjoy the ceremony.

If you do decide to book with Karakoram Bikers, keep in mind that they are a motorcycle tour company and will pick you up by bike. To be honest, going and returning by motorcycle amplified our awesome experience!

What is the VIP section?

There are 3 sections when you arrive to the actual border. Left for families, right for men, and straight down the middle for the VIP section. To enter the VIP section you either have to be on the VIP list, be foreign, or be with foreigners (if you are Pakistani). I’m not sure how to get on the VIP list, but I hear you need a military contact to get on it. Regardless of the VIP list, if you are a foreigner, the soldiers will send you and your group to the VIP section. The VIP section is just the stands closest to the ceremony.

We got to sit there with our two awesome guides!

Wagha Border Crew

I hope this helps for your visit to the Wahga border and you get a chance to enjoy the ceremony! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Safe travels!

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