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Saving Money

How To Save Money To Travel: Packing Lunch Edition

“In this country you can make one million dollars in a day and manage to spend two million the next.” -Mom Savings You get three main options when it comes to getting rich money-wise. Increase your income, decrease your expenses or find ways to pay Uncle Sam less. You can of course do all three …

Travel Stories

Why I Hate Suitcases

Moscow, Russia July 2007 Age: 16 Strong Word There are very few things in this world that I hate: liver, glitter, broken earphones, frappuccinos, hazelnut coffee, gin and tonics, Georgi vodka, the M subway line, the G subway line, overpriced real estate, fanny packs, that one piece of hair that for whatever damn reason curves left …

Travel Stories

The Blind Leading The Blind

Nha Trang, Vietnam January 2012 Age: 21   Suburbs “He’s like the blind leading the blind” I overheard one mom talking to another, both shaking their head at some kid telling his friends to follow him down the stairs to the pool while I was working the front desk at the recreation center trying to …